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Format and Rules

1st Stage


Sunday and Monday from 17.00 to 20.00 Maximum of 64 athletes play 12 games 6 each day


Qualify for the fourth stage the top 8 (skipping the third day of play) and for the second stage the top 32


2nd Stage


The top 32 will be divided in 8 groups with 4 players each:


A:        1-16-24-32

B:        2-15-23-31

C:        3-14-22-30

D:        4-13-21-29

F:         5-12-20-28

G:        6-11-19-27

H:        7-10-18-26

I:          8-9-17-25


They will play 3 games total pin-fall qualifying for the third stage


3rd stage


Players will be re-order according with the following scheme


1st Group A vs 2nd Group B   Winner number                    9

1st  Group B vs 2nd Group A Winner number                    10


1st Group C vs 2nd Group D   Winner number                   11

1st  Group D vs 2nd Group C Winner number                    12


1st Group E vs 2nd Group F   Winner number                    13

1st  Group F vs 2nd Group E  Winner number                    14



1st Group H vs 2nd Group I    Winner number                    15

1st  Group I vs 2nd Group H  Winner number                     16                   



Will play total of 3 games, and the winner of each match will qualify for the stage 4 according with the number that have been designed


 4th Stage


From now on they will start the bracket system until the final according with the following scheme. They will play the top 8 and the other 8 athletes qualified from the third stage


In all the stages they will play at the best of 3 (they need to win 2 matches) or can be decided for total of 3 or 2 games



1vs 16                         a

4vs 13                         b

6vs 11                         c

8vs 9                           d


2vs 15                         e

3vs 14                         f

5vs 12                         g

7vs 10                         h


Quarter final


a vs d                          1         

b vs c                          4



e vs h                          2

f vs g                           3


Semi final


1vs 4


2vs 3


The winner of each match will play the FINALS and both losers will be declared thirds

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Qatar National Olympic Committee

Asian Bowling Federation