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Format and Rules

Date: September 14 to 16, 2014

Time: 5:00 PM | Qatar Bowling Center
Events: Singles, Doubles & Masters


  • Players will be playing a total of 6 games for each event (singles and doubles)
  • Changing lanes every game 2 lanes Left, 2 lanes right
  • Only top 3 bowlers will be awarded for singles and doubles event
  • Top 8 bowlers in All Events will advance to Masters in a Round Robin match playing 8 games
  • Winner will received bonus points of 10 and 0 for losser.  If tie, 5 points for each player.



  • Top 3 bowlers will play 1 game STEP LADDER MATCH 
  • Player in position 1 is twice to beat


Tie Rules:

  • During qualification, highest game on the last game. If tie still exist, highest game on the 3rd game, so on so forth till the tie is broken.
  • During finals, 1 ball shot till the tie is broken




Qatar National Olympic Committee

Asian Bowling Federation