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NEWS ARCHIVE (Year 2014)


Dom Barrett goes back-to-back in Qatar; defeats Stu Williams for his fourth career PBA title


In the title match of the 14th Qatar Open between England's PBA champions, Dominic Barrett (pictured left) defeated Stuart Williams (right), 395-388 over two games total pins, to defend his title and to win his fourth career title and 40,000 U.S. Dollar. It was also Barrett's 10th European Bowling Tour title.

After both players tied the first game at 206, Barrett went on to win game two, 189 to 182, to seal the victory.

Williams, who was looking for his second PBA title and seventh EBT title, became England's first PBA champion November 18, 2011 with victory in the Viper Open. Barrett won his first PBA title one day later in the Scorpion Open. In 2013, Barrett won his first "major" title in the PBA World Championship and added title No. 3 in the 13th Qatar Open.

In the semi-finals, Barrett came back from a 26-pin deficit (232-258) with a huge 278 game to defeat Martin Larsen (left) of Sweden, 510-469.

Williams, the No. 1 seed, ousted Cameron Weier (right), United States, in the other match, 434-421. Weier, who was third in the 2013 Qatar Open, was seeded fourth as he entered the finals as the No. 4 seed.


Williams received $20,000 for second place while Larsen and Weier got $7,000 apiece for third and fourth place. - See more at

Thomas Larsen achieves perfection; rolls 300 in Squad 13 to take the lead in Qatar Open


Current European Bowling Tour point ranking leader Thomas Larsen (pictured left) of Denmark is the newest leader at the Qatar Open, thanks to the perfect 300 game he fired during his 1503-game series in Qualifying Squad 13 Tuesday afternoon at Qatar Bowling Center in Doha.

The 25-year-old four-time EBT champion, who has also won two titles on the 2014 World Bowling Tour which counted as PBA titles, both in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi & Kuwait), rolled games of 211, 288, 300, 192, 266 and 246, an average of 250.50, to become the first player in the 14th edition of the European Bowling Tour "Platinum" and World Bowling Tour "major" event, who cracked the 1500-bar (250 average).

Larsen, who received a $250 bonus for the highest series on Tuesday, leads a field of 102 players from 22 countries into the final day of qualifying. - See more at:

Larsen, Fransson move into second and third place in 14th Qatar Bowling Open


PBA Touring pro Martin Larsen (pictured left) of Sweden and fellow national team member Daniel Fransson (right) led Squad 7 in the 14th Qatar Bowling Open Sunday at Qatar Bowling Center in Doha with 1393 and 1374, respectively to move into second and third place in the overall qualifying standings.

Larsen averaged 232.17 including five games between 212 and 238 and a high game of 265 for 1393, the highest score on Sunday, to pocket a 250 U.S. Dollar bonus. Fransson was just 19 pins behind with 1374 including a high game of 286. - See more 

Marshall Kent averages over 240 to take early lead in 14th Qatar Bowling Open

Team USA member Marshall Kent (l.) averaged 241.33 in Squad 4 to take an early lead in the qualifying of the 14th Qatar Bowling Open Saturday at Qatar Bowling Center in Doha. Kent, 22, a two-time European Bowling Tour titlist, had games of 216, 276, 213, 258, 246 and 239 for 1448 pinfall total to hold an 80-pin lead over Johnni Adsbøl (r.) of Denmark, who was second with 1368. Qualifying continues Sunday, Nov. 23, with squads 6-8.

See more

Magnus Johnson of Sweden, who closed his six-game series in Friday's Squad 2 with the tournament's first 300 game for 1354. Kent and Johnson received a 250 U.S. Dollar bonus for the highest series on Friday and Saturday. - See more

Abdulaziz captures kids title


Doha, 31-Oct-14: Abdulaziz Al-Merakhi (Left) showed superb performance after his win in a local tournament, the 2014 Future Tournament for Kids held on October 26 to 29 in Qatar Bowling Center. Abdulaziz maintained the leading in all events which set him on top of the table. Though he ended on the 2nd spot during Masters, he surpassed to the final round by defeating his compatriot Ali Ajlan Al-Merekhi in a step ladder semi-final match 193-121 in favor to Abdulaziz. During the final round Abdulaziz had rolled a sizzling 218 against Abdulla Al-Merekhi (Right) who landed as 2nd placer with 150.


Ali and Abdulrahman leads the stage 6 monthly tour

Doha, 26-Oct-14: Qatari, Ali Al Buainain (Left Photo) won the Stage 6 Monthly Bowling Tournament on Monday - October 20, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. Ali scored 1284 and had sustained 200 average which placed him on top of the table. Hamad Al Mosallam finished as 2nd placer with 1236 series. On the other hand, Abdulrahman Al-Jaidah (Right Photo) lead the youth category with his 1169 series while the 2nd placer Bader Al-Deyabscored 1141 series.


Al-Mrekhi brothers dominates the federation cup for kids

Doha, 25-Sep-14:: Salman Al-Merekhi (Photo right) bagged the 1st place after a victory against his brother Abdulla Al-Merekhi (Photo left) who has finished 2nd place in a local title - Federation Cup Tournament for Kids 2014 on September 21 to 24, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. The Al-Merekhi brothers had face-off in a match play ended with 162 - 155 in favor of Salaman. Meanwhile, Abdulaziz Al-Merakhi who had showed amazing performance during the early match was landed in 3rd place with 232 a very huge difference from his compatriot Hazeem Al-Muraikhi ended in 3rd place with 141.



Bader Al-Deyab wins the Federation Cup for Youth 2014

Doha, 16-Sep-14: Bader Al Deyab emerged as winner in the Federation Cup for Youth 2014  on Wednesday - September 14-16, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. In the event, Bader ousted Ghanim Aboujasssoum in a single match 176-186 in the semi final match and went on to defeat his team buddy Jassem Al-Deyab in the final match 415-420 in favor of Bader.


Ghanim and Bader snatches the lead in monthly tour stage 5

Doha, 17-Sep-14: Ghanim Aboujassoum (left photo) bagged the stage 5 Monthly Bowling Tournament on Wednesday - September 10, 2014. Ghanim who's amazingly played from the start rolled a sizzling 252,264 ended with 1299 series, a huge difference from the 2nd placer a Filipino bowler Abdulrauf Dongonwith 1201 series. On the other hand, Bader Al-Deyab (right photo) was declared as winner for youth category ended with 1183 series and 2nd placer was Marky Del Carmen with 1163. 


Yousef Al-Jaber wins two consecutive stages in a row

Doha, 10-Sep-14: Yousef Al-Jaber (left photo) for the second time captured the stage 4 Monthly Bowling Tournament victoriously on Wednesday - September 10, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. Yousef rolled a series of 1310 against Jassem Al-Deyab 1275 series. Meanwhile, Hazeem Al-Muraikhi(right photo) lead the race for youth category with 1247 series and next to him was Mohammad Al-Merekhi with 1244.


Yousef and Ghanim leads the stage 3 monthly tournament

Doha, 27-Aug-14: Yousef Al-Jaber (Left Photo) ended the stage 3 Monthly Bowling Tournament victoriously on Wednesday - August 27, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. Yousef bowled a series of 1346 that marked a huge 60 pins difference from the 2nd placer Khaled Al-Doseri with 1260 series. Meanwhile,Ghanim Aboujassoum lead the race for youth category after he stamped 1255 while Jassim Al-Muraikhi in second place with 1179 series.



Filipinos wins Ramadan Tournament 2014 Division-A title

Doha, 26-July-14: First time in the history of Ramadan Tournament that the top positions in Division-A were bagged by Filipino bowlers. Ronald Bulaños, a first time joiner in the said tournament has notched the title Ramadan Tournament 2014. He rolled consistently an average of 200+ maintaining his top position in the table. He marked 256 268 in 2 consecutive games and had manage to maintain his shot ended with 3451 (carry over score). During qualifying round, he ended in 5th place having a series of 1539 and has rolled a sizzling 300 perfect game. Ramil Gomez declared as 2nd Placer having a series of 3398. Ramil started in good condition after he almost rolled perfectly but had missed the 10th frame ended with 286 in his 1st game. He consistently rolled an average of 200+ maintaining the lead till 5th game against Ronald. Ramil also won as 2nd top qualifier with 1562 series next to Mansoor Al-Awamy who had won top qualifier with a boiling series of 1573. Moreover, Marky Del Carmen won back to back as 3rd placer in both divisions A & B. Marky rolled 200+ average maintaining his position in 3rd spot and has ended a series of 3365.  


Mohammad Al-Muraikhi wins the Ramadan Tour for B division

Doha, 26-July-14: A Qatari, Mohammad Al-Muraikhi bagged the title - Ramadan Tournament 2014 in the final match of Division B last night - July 25, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. Al-Muraikhi positioned 9th in the qualifying round surpassed the final table after his 1811 series during final plus the carry over score during qualifying round 1452 that marked a sizzling 3263. A 3 pins difference from his compatriot Ghanim Al-Bojassom landed in second place with a total series of 3260. Al-Bojassom, was then a 13th placer in the qualifying round stormed in the final chart after he rolled a burning 278 in 3rd and 258 in 7th game. Meanwhile, Marky Del Carmen, a Filipino bowler ended in 3rd place with 3255. Marky rolled splendid in the early stage of the match when he lead the 3 consecutive games with 256-240-249. Marky was in the 5th position during the qualifying round.


Ramadan tournament weekly winners

Doha, 22-July-14: The last but not the least qualifiers who have marked high series for last week were,Ramil Gomez with 813 series for Division A and Hussain Hijji with 770 series for Division B. Both of them are also in the top 16 of their respective divisions. Finals is fast approaching, to be specific it will be on July 25 for Division B and July 26 for Division A to be played at 9:00 PM in Qatar Bowling Center. Only top 16 bowlers from Division A & B will proceed in the next stage of this event. Let's find out who gonna win the title this year!

Doha, 14-July-14: The Ramadan Bowling Tournament is on its 4th week now but the intense of the competition is still high. Qualifiers are non-stop in rolling to surpass in the top 16. Last week, July 7 two qualifiers won high series, Ahmed Al-Deyab with 805 series for Division A and Faisal Al-Hajiri with 781 series for Division B. 

On the 3rd week high series, Zacaria Al-Zoqarideclared as winner with 792 series and Bassam Al-Najjar in Division B with a series of 755.


Jamal and Al-Muraikhi wins the 1st weekly high series

Doha, 30-June-14: The Ramadan Bowling Tournament was kicked off last Monday - June 20, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. This is an annual event prepared by Qatar Bowling Federation in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The turnout of participants was great and till now as the qualification is going on, more local bowlers are showing eagerness to be part of the event. The said tournament has been split into two divisions - A and B.  Whether professional or beginner, everyone is welcome to join. After a week of qualifying, 2 bowlers from both divisions - A and B were declared as weekly high series winners. Mohammad Jamal (left photo) rolled 1500 (6 game series) dominated the table A for the whole week. While Mohammad Al-Muraikhi (right photo) won weekly high series winner in division B after he posted 1419 series, a very close 6 pins difference from Marky Del Carmen 1413. The qualifying rounds are still going on, rankings are constantly changing. Let's find out who will be in and out from the top 16.  


Fahad and Marky wins the 2nd stage of Monthly Tour

Doha, 19-June-14: Fahad Al-Emadi (Left Photo) ended with victory after he lead the table with 2 pins difference against the 2nd placer Khalil Al-Mothen1221-1219. Fahad notched the title for the 2nd stage of the Monthly Bowling Tournament held on Wednesday - June 18, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. On the other hand, Marky Del Carmen (Right Photo) declared as winner for youth category with 1170 series and Jassem Al-Deyab in 2nd place with 1149. 


Mubarak Al-Muraikhi wins the Federation Cup title

Doha, 11-June-14: National player, Mubarak Al-Muraikhi bagged the Federation Cup 2014 title on June 11, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. Mubarak took the lead in the early match against Marky Del Carmen 387-374 that took him the advantage to face Abdulrahman Al-Jaidah in the final Win-Win match 417-344. Abdulrahman ended in 2nd place, while Marky grabbed the 3rd place after he defeated Hamad K Al-Mosallam in a Lose-Lose match with 378-372. Hamad finished in 4th place.


Yousef Al-Jaber captures the Qatar Cup 2014 title

Doha, 29-May-14: Yousef Al-Jaber captured the title for Qatar Cup 2014 with 434-405 against Mubarak Al-Muraikhi in the step ladder finals. Mubarak landed in second place while Jamal Al-SAhoti ended in 3rdplace earlier in the semi-final 209-179  in favor to Mubarak Al-Muraikhi. Mubarak took the advantage to meet Yousef in a twice to beat match in finals.


Winners of the 2014 Qatar Cup

Doha, 26-May-14: A good start for Jassim Al-Muraikhi (photo right) after he lead the singles event of Qatar Cup 2014 on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. Jassim Al-Muraikhi earned 1259  against 2nd placer Yousef Al-Jaber which has a very close difference of 13 pins. On the other hand, Mubarak Al-Muraikhi ended in 3rd place with 1226 series. 



On the second day, doubles - Fahad Al-Emadi and Yousef Al-Jaber dominated the table after they rolled 2437. Both gents showed up good performance from the start though they had slight difficulty in 3rd game but they managed to surpassed it. Jassim Al-Muraikhi and Ahmed Al-Deyab ended in 2nd Place with 2395 while Ghanim Aboujassoum and Jassim Al-Deyab in 3rd place.



In the trio event held on May 27-28, the trios of Mubarak Al-Muraikhi, Fahad Al-Emadi, and Yousef Al-Jaber ruled with their 3894 series. Landed in 2nd place, Ali Al-Boainin, Khalil Al-Mothen, and Jamal Al-Sahoti with 3605 while trios, Jassem al-Deyab, Hazeem Al-Muraikhi, and Ahmed Al-Deyab made a huge jump to 3rd place with 3430. Click here to see the results for all events


Khaled and Ghanim captures the first stage

Doha, 12-May-14: Khaled Al-Doseri (Right Photo) lead the race in the 1st stage of Monthly Bowling Tournament held on Monday - May 21, 2014 in Qatar Bowling Center. Khaled bowled a series of 1275 that posted him to be the first winner of this eight (8) stages event.Jassem Al-Deyab ended in 2nd place with his 1242 series. Jassem started awful in the table but has manage to outshined after he shot 267 in the 4th game and keep on till 6th game. Meanwhile, Ghanim M Aboujassom (Left Photo) was declared as winner for youth category with 1190 series while Ahmed Al-Deyab in second place with 1168 series.



Jassim Al-Deyab wins Activity Tour for Men 2014

Doha, 19-May-14: Jassim Al-Deyab (Photo Left) bagged the local title Men's Activity Tournament 2014 againstGhanim M Aboujassoum in a final match 433-385 on Monday, May 19, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. Abdullaziz Abdullafinished in 3rd spot after defeated in an early match 405-319 in favor of Jassim Al-Deyab.Mohammad Jamal ended in  4th place after a huge gap 345 - 416 in favor of Ghanim in an early match. 



Al-Merekhi dominates the squad

Doha, 12-May-14: Abdulla Al-Merekhi (Photo Left) stormed and notched the victory after he led in the table ended with 1244 in a local title - Activity Tournament for Kids 2014 on Monday - May 12, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. Meanwhile, Salman Al-Merekhi has scored 1244, same as the winner but tie breaking rule has been applied so he was declared as 2nd placer. Abdulaziz Al-Merakhi ended up in 3rd place with 1165 series.



Bader Al-Deyab conqures the local title for youth

Doha, 08-May-14: Bader Al-Deyab (Photo right) beaten Ghanim M Aboujassoum in a match play, 348-322, to win the local title - Activity Tournament for Youth 2014 on Wednesday - May 7, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center. On the other hand, Jassem Al-Deyab landed in the 3rd spot after he was defeated in an early match against Ghanim Aboujassoum in a 425-367, while Hazeem Al-Muraikhi ended in 4th place. 



Ahmed Al-Deyab wins the title for youth

Doha,16-Mar-14: Ahmed Al-Deyab (pictured left) defeated Jassim Al-Mureikhi (right) in a very narrow difference, 475-470, to win the local title - Qatar Team Tournament for Youth on Thursday - March 13, 2014 at Qatar Bowling Center.


As the top qualifier in a step ladder match, Al-Deyab has to be defeated twice to win the title, in first game Ahmed was beaten but sealed the victory in the 2nd game after Jassim suffered a missed in the 10th frame which resulted in losing chance. Meanwhile, landed in 3rd place was Hazeem Al-Muraikhi. 



PBA, Chris Barnes notches the 2014 Emir Cup title

2014 EMIR CUP WINNERS: Winner - Chris Barnes (USA) | 2nd Place - New Hui Fen (Singapore) | 3rd Place - Bill O'neill (USA) | 4th Place - Shayna Ng (Singapore)

Finnish captures gold medal in Masters final

Doha,16-Feb-14: Winners: (L-R): Ahmed Al Deyab (QATAR) - 2ND Place | Teemu Putkisto (FINLAND) - 1ST Place | Arvid Espen (NORWAY) - 3RD Place

GCC dominates the team event

Doha,15-Feb-14: GCC team took first gold medal after winning the team event earlier with a series of 5486 in a 4-player Team event of the 4th International Friendly Competition at Qatar Bowling Centre. The GCC gents led the entire event by a big difference of 261 against the second placer Finland team with 5225. GCC's, Abdulaziz Sultan, Taha, Hassan Mohamed and Hassan Alkhrosy showed a strong team work after they succesively maintained in the 1st spot. Bahraini, Taha Ibrahim shot a sizzling 300 perfect game in the 4th game. Qatar team landed in 3rd place to grabbed the bronze medal with 5145. 


Second gold medal for Qatar team

Doha,14-Feb-14: Qataris, the Al-Deyab brothers Jassem and Ahmed captured the second Gold medal for Qatar in Doubles Event of the 4th International Friendly Match. Jasem and Ahmed scored a total of 2784 against 2760 of Swede, Viktor Albihn and Anton Ahlgren who have landed in 2nd place. Pair from Norway, Andrea and Oyvin have rolled a total series 2708 that placed them into the 3rd spot. 



Qatari leads the opening of the 4th International Friendly Match

Doha,13-Feb-14:Jassem Al Deyab of Qatar bagged the first gold medal for Qatar in the Singles event of the 4th International Friendly Competition yesterday, February 12, 2014 with his 1536 series. Henrik Hansen of Norway landed in 2nd place with 1449 and Carl Kindberg of Sweden in 3rd spot with 1447. A huge score of 279 3rd game followed with 277 in 5th game stick Jassem into the lead with 87 pins difference against Henrik Hansen.



Qatar Team wins Overall Champion in 8th GCC Youth Champ

Doha-26/10/13: Qatar Bowling Team have just arrived in Doha yesterday - October 25, 2013 after successfully notched the Overall Champion in recent GCC 8th Youth & 1st Kids Championship in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The team were welcomed by the Qatar Bowling Federation Board headed by the President - Mr. Abdulsalam Abbas and other members and staff of the federation ....CONGRATULATIONS!!!




Qatar National Olympic Committee

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